Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Face Off: The Chronicles Of Narnia

Friday Face Off  is a new feature I'd like to showcase on my blog. It was created by The Book Rat . This meme is for two alternate covers ''face off''.

For my first Friday Face Off  I'd like to showcase a series almost everyone is familiar with; The Chronicles Of Narnia. There are a bazillion (note the exaggeration) covers. So I will be featuring just the covers I own.

Yes I own two copies of every single Narnia book; but that is not the point!

                                      oops animated GIF

The two book covers competing today are:

             Disney Edition:                                                     Other Edition:

Honestly I like both of these. The Disney one is cool. Even though it's live action. I know a lot of people who are against live action covers. But I think this one actually makes it work. Maybe because it came from the movie (that I still haven't watched btw)? All the characters look rad! Are you kidding me? Do you see the freakin' witch?!?!?!?!??

                                     pointing animated GIF

The other edition though... look at that. A totally different style, representing innocence even.

Dude look at me sounding all deep and such *pats myself on back*

So.... what's your favorite? Are you gonna go for innocence or Disney?? I'll tell you my choice next week (mostly because I still don't have a favorite). Will you guys help?

                                       the oc animated GIF

And because I just have to, I'm ending this post with a dramatic scene from Narnia the movie.

                                       narnia animated GIF                                          

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