Review Policy

I am currently OPEN to review requests. However this does not exactly mean I will accept your request, but if you follow my policy/guidlines you have a larger chance of me accepting your review request.

I ACCEPT arcs, audiobooks and finished copies. If the book is part of  a series I may need the previous books.

I DON'T ACCEPT ebooks, self published books or indie press books.

Genres I Enjoy

I recommend peeking my review archive and/or my goodreads shelves to receive a feel for what I enjoy reading, but these are the genres I typically enjoy.
YA/Middle Grade
-Historical Fiction

I do enjoy adult genres ocassionally

-Non Fiction

Genres I Do Not Enjoy

-Short story compilations

Accepting Books

If I accept your book, that does NOT gurantee a review. I do try to review every book I receive to review but unfortunately it does not always happen. Even if it does not get a review on my blog it surely will be posted as read on my Goodreads. 

If it is an arc I will try to post a review closer to the release date, and not AGES before hand.

I do try to post reviews onto Amazon and Goodreads, but I do get behind on that, so if you'd like me to do so, let me know!

If you have a certain deadline I will try to accomadate you as much as I can, but please let me know before hand.


I write fair and honest reviews, but that doesn't always mean they are positive. If it is under 2 stars I may feel uncomfortable posting it. But I will NOT post a greatreview just because I received it for free.

Review Structure

All reviews include the following:

-Cover Art
-Book Stats: Title, Author(s), Publisher, Page Count, etc.
-Where I received the book
-A summary
-My review: What I liked, what I didn't like.
-Star rating

Also Open To...

-Author Interviews// I usually only interview authors I am familiar with, but if you send me the author's arc and I enjoy the book I would be more than happy to interview him/her
-Giveaways// I will only give away books that I have already read
-Guest Blogging// I would love to guest blog on your blog! And I am also happy to have you guest blog on mine!

You can contact me for reviews, author interviews, giveaways, guest blogging, or etc at my email

ZUIA (@) LIVE (.com)

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