About Me

Hello, fellow readers. My name is Julia Saraiva Gomez and I love books. I created this blog so I could share my love about books and other things. I'm very quirky and outgoing.

And I'm never afraid to speak my mind.

I was born in America; but both of my parents were born in Brazil. I travel to Brazil once or twice a year. I currently reside in Los Angeles and probably will for a long time.  I never lost my brazilian roots and never will.

I have been acting ever since I was four years old. Since then I have starred in movies and commercials and guest starred in television shows (my imdb is linked below).

I'm a big fan of Gilmore GirlsPretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation and of course Friends. I LOVE 50 First Dates almost as much as I love Adam Sandler and Drew Barreymore movies altogether.

You can also easily find me obsessing over: Disney pins, Taylor Swift and Tumblr


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  1. I think you’re meant for big things, and I think “big things” are whatever make you feel really good, and I think “good” is whatever makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and start doing it, even if it’s not always easy. You're awesome!!