Friday, July 29, 2016

Bookish Gifts

So, you want to give a fellow booklover a gift, well you're in luck! This is a guide for gifts to booklovers!

Perfect for friendship bracelets! BUY HERE


 I LOVE MUGS!! Even though I don't really use them, :( Clockwise   from top right: Jane Austen mug, $14.67 from McLaggen Smith Mugs, Sherlock Holmes mug, $20.00 fromKinship Goods; The Witches mug, $12.22 from The Roald Dahl Store

Most t-shirts bought online don't fit on me, but these are still awesome! Take your pick. Clockwise from top left: Moby Dick tee, $25.00 by Miles to Go; For Whom the Bell Tolls tee, $28.00 by Out of Print; Gulliver's Travels tee, $34.00 by Litographs.

If you're looking for a present to give me, THIS!! BUY HERE

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