Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Danny The Champion Of The World By Roald Dahl

Danny the Champion of the WorldPublished: Puffin
Genre: Middle Grade
Source: Hand me down
Page Count: 205

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Danny's dad had a secret, but now the secret's out and it's going to lead Danny on the adventure of a lifetime.

My Thoughts:
I LOVE ROALD DAHL SO MUCH IT HURTS!! His books are so full of... wit.

I loved the father and son relationship. His father didn't treat him like a nine year old (like he is), but more like an adult. He wasn't much like a normal father, he didn't act like a dad, but he was a father. He treated Danny like a true friend. And that was beautiful.

Danny was very mature for his age. Not mature enough to be unbelieveable or annoying, but mature enough to still be nine.

I might, I don't like rereading a lot. So that doesn't mean I didn't like the book, I just don't find a need.

Recommend To:
Everyone! Nobody is too old for Roald Dahl!!!!!!!!!!

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