Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saving Babe Ruth

Saving Babe RuthBy Tom Swyers
Published By: Hillcrest House Publishing
Source: Received for honest review


Rating: 4 out of 5

When lawyer David Thompson, a Civil War buff and art enthusiast, volunteers to serve as commissioner for the town’s waning Babe Ruth recreational baseball league, he has no idea what he’s getting into.

Backed by the high school baseball program, promoter Rob Barkus is crushing the Babe Ruth league by luring the town’s best players to his high-priced summer travel league with promises of scholarships. If this continues, there won’t be enough players for the Babe Ruth league. David’s own son, Christy, and his friends will have nowhere to play. 

My Thoughts:
I found this book very interesting. The story is very original. 

But my complaints are:

* It does not grip the reader. I sometimes tried to find an excuse to not read it.

* Too many details! At first I liked it, but then it was too much. This book easily be 290 pages. In my opinion the character Jacob Golder was unnecessary. 

Those are my only complaints!

But now I will talk about what I loved:

*The originality of the story. It's so original!!! Have you ever heard of a story anything like this? I haven't!!

*I can't believe this is his debut novel!

Re-readability: There isn't a big probability.

Who I recommend it to: People who any sport not just baseball, because this story is more about sports than baseball.

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