Friday, June 17, 2016

Autographed Books

So here is a list of books that I own AND are autographed. If more books become autographed I will surely make an update!

Book Signings:

The Nothing Spirit By Grace Fiorre
Grace actually happened to have a book signing at my father's                           restaraunt, and I was able to snag a personalized copy!

Dear Dumb Diary By Jim Benson
I got it autographed at the LA TIMES BOOK FESTIVAL

Judy Moody Was in a Mood By Megan McDonald
I got it autographed at the LA TIMES BOOK FESTIVAL

Received For Review

Clementine and The Family Meeting & Clementine's All About Me Journal By Sara Pennypacker

Saving Babe Ruth By Tom Swyers

Horrorstor By Grady Hendrix

Max Mooth --Cyber Sleuth By Stephen Kogon
I luckily had Stephen as an acting coach a couple years ago, and he gave me a signed copy of his book!                                     

Fazendo Meu Filme By Paula Pimenta
This story is actually hilarious! Paula Pimenta is a really well known Brazilian YA author, and when my friend and I found out that she was coming to Los Angeles, we freaked! We sent her messages through various social medias, BEGGING her to meet her. After a couple hours I received a reply! She gave us her whole schedule, and we went to Hollywood and scoured the streets for her. After a while we found her and got our books autographed!

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